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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to all!

I would like to take this time out to sincerely THANK YOU! This has been

quite the tumultuous year. We have all heard and been through enough.

I want you to know that what you do and have done no matter how big -

the over 300 hundred pairs of socks donated for Socktoberfest for operation

troop support - or how small - the pints of blood donated to Dana Farber and the

Joe Andruzzi Foundation - you all make a positive difference. Be thankful!

We have managed to be socially distant and still hold beach clean ups. There are

so many positives ways to be grateful and thankful this year. Although many

of us will be celebrating with a lesser number of family members, there is

no need to be less thankful! Take the time to thank and pray for all the

front line workers, the soldiers who can't make it home for the holidays,

the police and firefighters. Take the time to give thanks to your phamily and

phriends new and old. Take a moment to give extra love to our four legged friends

we call family. Be thankful and take a deep breath and hope. Smile and have faith.

I am truly grateful and thankful for all of you that have made this club so great

for over 25 years strong. So please think of this Thanksgiving as a gift and be

grateful and thankful for the little things we have been blessed with.

With Thanks and Blessings

Donna “ Mac” McCarthy

President (2020-2022)


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