Labor Day

Good Day, Happy Labor Day everyone. We all know the history and significance of this day. Some people say it signifies the passing of seasons up here. Some people are just happy to have a long weekend. Some of us went to a number of Buffett concerts over the weekend, but then Jimmy changed dates as the golf tourney came to town. Reflection is a word that comes to mind for me. This is a day we have off because of the hard work of our ancestors. The efforts and struggles they had to overcome, working constantly to make ends meet and bring up families. Please share with me in thanking the police and firefighters for keeping us safe, the first line nurses and doctors keeping us healthy, the sci

President notes

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to thank you for all your support to this wonderful group over the years. As the new president elect, i will introduce you to the rest of the BOD by name here. Please visit our website or say hello to them on our fb page and welcome them aboard! They are here for you! Marcia Bixby has taken over the vice president’s role; Deb Courteau has taken over as web mistress; Jean Duffill is our new membership director; Liz McCarthy remains our secretary; and Kim Stevens remains our treasurer. The Parrot Head Club of Eastern Massachusetts has had quite an impact on our communities during its 26 years in existence. Our founding fathers started with Special Olym

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