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Earn your PHART Prize Package Today!


Calling all members! There is a new program in town!

Taking the place of member of the month will be our new incentive “ParrotHeads All ‘Round Town” or P.H.A.R.T.


We will be taking attendance at all our club events and activities and pick members from all our locations that best represent for that quarter. The person’s ability to go to different places and contribute in true parrothead style. PHCOEM encourages as many members to attend and participate in the variety of charity events and volunteer activities as possible. Not only does helping others in need make you feel good but it contributes to the great good of everyone. In this society of negativity in the news making headlines it should make you proud to be a parrothead knowing all the good individually, collectively as a club and all the parrotheads across our great nation do for this country.


What do you have to do?


Come and enjoy all your parrothead phriends in helping others and party with a purpose! Yep! It is that simple! Who will be the first P.H.A.R.T. recipient!


Check out who our club P.H.A.R.T.’s are



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