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Happy Veterans Day 2022!

Good Morning phlock!

This day is reserved for respecting and giving thanks to all our military veterans in war time and peacetime living or unfortunately passed.

Please take a moment to appreciate what the significance of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month stands for! Be proud and thankful to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy every day and all we have going for us. I thank you all for all you do every day! Today there is a blood drive at Mayflower Brewery if you are close by and can join please do!

Today we celebrate the Veterans and Troops. If you haven't donated socks for Operation Troop Support, you can have them shipped directly to Jean Duffill! Just another simple way to show your appreciation!

Happy Veterans Day to all that have served or are serving now!

Thank you,

Make a veteran smile today!

🙏 thank you



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