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These are the write-ups for all our previous PHART award winners.  Anyone has the opportunity to join this wonderful group of Parrot Heads by being the top person in the quarter for giving of themselves for all our worthy causes and for taking time to socialize and enjoy the activities that we plan.  

If you get a chance, make sure to congratulate the winners for their great accomplishment.

Donna Bibaud - Quarter 4 2018

Good day PHlockers! Well another quarter has come and gone and our latest and greatest Parrot Head All 'Round Town has been added to the list of honorees. Please congratulate Donna Bibaud for all her hard work over the last quarter. She has attended many events over the years including Special Olympics, beach clean ups, Halloween parties but I think the most memorable events we recognize Donna at is the Special O dances. Both at the winter games and summer games the athletes so look forward to the dancing and Donna dances right along with the athletes. Cutting a rug with the athletes, nobody does it as good as Donna Bibaud so please thank her for all her volunteering all these years and all round town! Thank you Donna for all your hard work and efforts to get to locations all over the state! We appreciate it and so do the athletes when they see you!

Kim Stevens - Quarter 3 2018

Good day phlockers Fall my favorite time of year ,with the exception of school starting again. Football is on and this year the Sox are in the fall classic again! Does it get any better? Why yes it does, you could be awarded the next PHCoEM PHART award! So without further waiting our third quarter recipient is .... dahhh-dahhh-dahhh Kimmy Grass-Stevens! Yes Kim has been to all of the events during the summer months and then some. She rode the Best Buddy Ride, helped at the Pan Mass Challenge, participated on Team Moonshiners and helped at the golf tourney. Kim has been a real ParrotHead All 'Round Town and a great representative of our club. She is always smiling and helping where she can and we appreciate that. So when you see Kim at the next event wish her a happy PHCoEM PHART award! Thank you Kim for all you do not only for our club but for all the people and communities you help along the way. Remember you too could be our next PHCoEM PHART award winner! Just be a ParrotHead All 'Round Town by gooing to all our events for that quarter and have fun. Thank you all for all you do.

Rita Foley - Quarter 2 2018

Good day Phellow Phlockers.
The second quarter PHART award goes to, drum roll please, Rita Foley!
She was at every event we had then some during that short time! Helping at the brewery, going to comedy nights, decorating and dancing at Special Olympics she truly was not only All 'Round Town but all over the state. She and her husband Jim have been awesome additions to our PHamily along with her sister Rosie and husband Tony! We thank Rita for all her hard work this second quarter. So if you see her out and about at a club event thank her and follow her lead on being a great Parrot Head All 'Round Town and an awesome representative of our club. Thank you.

Lisa Alves, Sheryl Davis, Pam Mascroft - Quarter 1 2018

The first quarter PHART awards are going to three people in a tight race at the top of the point leader board. January, February and March were busy months preparing for our upcoming year.

The first recipient has been coming to events and bringing her mom Mary for the past few years, both happily working hard at all our volunteer activities. Congratulations to our first quarter Parrot Head All 'Round Town Lisa Alves-Mason. She made quite an impression on the kids at the special Olympic dance in Mechanics Hall this winter. Both she and her mom Mary can be seen annually at the Alzheimer’s walk and Diabetes walk. We thank her for her continuous support and volunteerism.


The next two recipients are usual suspects and can be seen together most of the time at events due to where they each live and logistics. They have been very active members for years and were big players in our circus theme at this past convention. So congratulations to our cute lil lioness cub Pammy Mascroft  and our bearded lady Cheryl Davis for all their support and help all over the state this past quarter. They helped at the Special Olympic dance at Mechanics Hall, they were at our holiday party, they traveled to Connecticut  for our annual New England convention, they are part of the Jamaica Me Crazy tubing team and I only wish I had half their energy! They continue to be a positive influence on anyone they come to know and we love them for that. They travel all over to volunteer and that’s why they are the first quarter parrot heads all round town.


Thank you to all three of these PHCoEM members for they all represent what our club does for the common good of our communities.  The positive influence, the hard work of volunteering, the doing for others no matter where or when is part of what a Parrot Head All 'Round town does. A PHART  member of our club is a special award and there is no doubt these three incredible ladies deserve the highest honor.


This club does so much all over the state to help many charities and communities that are in need. It is important for you all to know we are stronger together. I am so proud of all our members at each and every event we are at. Some people thank us that day, others write us cards and thank us with pictures and letters, and the appreciation of what you all do to help our communities does not go unnoticed. So thank you PHCoEM members for all you do.

Thank you. Captain Mac sparrow

Tom & Wendy Foxon - Quarter 4 2017

It is with great pleasure to introduce the fourth quarter PHART award recipients. Tom and Wendy Foxon. ! have known this awesome couple since I was first introduced to this club many ,many years ago! We have been to many awesome events together, participated in a lot of social gatherings and through it all Wendy and Tom have always been there for everyone. We may be getting older but not growing up and together with Wendy and Tom this club has participated in many social and charitable events all over the state. They host the Autism Walk in October for Jake's team which has gone from Mansfield to the Boston Common last year. They have been to cookouts , socials and the Law Enforcement Torch Run in Danvers forever! They have been to Bourne to lay wreaths and to see buffet not just at great woods but Jones beach where we have had gatherings at the ferry bar! They are usually seen with Ernie and Ellie Fratangelo making frozen concoctions in the backyard at the bar and helping host the boys from Tennessee, The Southern Drawl Band. There are sooooo many events over the years but this last quarter they have been to most. Hosting Jake's team at the Autism Walk is special for us all. That is why when you see Wendy and Tom all over this state helping the club out in any way they can please give them a high five, a that a way to go,  a hip-hip horayyy and a big hug and thank you for being the latest and greatest Parrot Heads All 'Round Town. Thank you Wendy and Tom for doing all that you do for others.

Nancy & Tony Butkus Quarter 3 2017

Gosh how time is flying by. I could have sworn we just announced our previous winners and our third quarter has passed us by. So without further ado our latest and greatest PHART award winners are Nancy and Tony Butkus. They have become quite the members especially as of late! I think they may have attended almost every event we had this quarter. No matter where it was held there was Nancy and Tony lending a helping hand. Cheering on riders at the Pan Mass Challenge in Wrentham, helping at registration at the Alzheimers Memory Walk in Worcester, picking up trash at the beach in Plymouth, or flipping burgers at Special Olympics in Barnstable. The two have become quite the Parrot Heads All Round Town. They came to the Halloween Party in one costume and left in another! They wore the PHART shirts and shorts proudly all night at the dance. They love coming to our events and helping in any way they can. They don’t look for recognition and simply stated they do it because they can. It makes a person feel good knowing you have helped someone less fortunate no matter what it is. That is what this club does. It is why you should all be proud to be part of such a great phun organization. I know I am! I am so happy to say Nancy and Tony have made an impact on many events this third quarter and they put themselves in the PHART award category! Thank you!  Please when you see this couple say wooopppp wooopppp thank you. Mac

Bill & Linda Hatch Quarter 2 2017

The next PHART award winners are the Hatchs. Linda and Bill Hatch were in the club a while back and have since rejoined with our rejoice! They have been all over the state at every second quarter event including bringing their instruments and playing at socials. They have brought their niece to flip burgers, the Ukulele to play music, they helped at the Autism walk and have been seen volunteering at many events all over the state. They are a big help no matter where they go and add smiles to everyone's face wherever that may be! We appreciate Linda and Bill's enthusiasm and are lucky they came back to the club and participate no matter where the next event takes them. When you see them please say thanks and congrats on a job well done! 

Liz Muldowney & Dave Stasio Quarter 1 2017

The latest inductees for the prestigious PHART award for the first quarter are David Stasio and Liz Muldowney.


David has been a steady presence at most of our events since becoming a member. He has been decorating Christmas trees, tubing at Nashoba for our team, flipping burgers for Special O events, working registration at the MS's and Autism walks, seen picking up Plymouth beach and has been dancing up a storm at the Special O dance at BU. He has consistently been volunteering all across the state helping our club and the community when he can so when you see David tell him thanks and congrats on being our Q1 2017 PHART award recipient.

The second PHART for the first quarter is Liz Muldowney. A long time member of our club and working hard this quarter to make her presence known. She may have some slight difficulties getting to a few events but always manages to reach out to members and gets there when and where she is needed. We appreciate all her help and she is always smiling and willing to do whatever is needed of her no questions asked. The club has events all over the state and Liz manages to get there with bells on! Please when you see Liz wish her congrats on being our Q1 2017 PHART award winner.

Aimlessly Wandering Richard Quarter 4 2016

The fourth quarter PHART goes to MR Richard or AWR as he is so warmly referred to. He is not only the presidential motorcade driver but he is the man behind the scenes at a lot of events. He kindly listens, drives, attends, volunteers and opens up his house to our club without ever thinking twice. Ohhh and yes he does aimlessly wander at times but he always comes back and usually it is with some good news about something. He arranged for the Marlboro Moose for our Halloween party.  He attended Operation Troop Support and the social we had after that event.  He along with Sunshine hosted the tree decorating for the Boys and Girls Club at their house along with the follow up opening tree ceremony.  The WOW Christmas party was a blast this year as always! He always manages to bring smiles to all who attend events with him there. We thank you Mr Richard for being the head chauffeur, first man of the club and for all the events you Attend All Round Town and within this great state. Thank you for being our clubs fourth quarter PHART.

Jim Cormier Quarter 3 2016

Good day Phellow Phlockers. It is with great  pleasure I bring to you the newest in the line of awesome Parrothead Club of Eastern Mass members who have been awarded  the prestigious Parrot Head All Round Town or as we like to call it the PHART award. The third quarter PHART is Jim Cormier. He has annually worked hard with team parrot head for the Diabetes Walk in the Worcester area. He raises funds, walks and helps to organize our crew for the event. During the quarter he also came to volunteer at the Autism Walk and attend many of our social gatherings. He helps with our article in the Newsletter with Timon and the crew! He has been a very active member since he started with us in this adventure and we love having him. ( yes even with Timon. ) Jim enjoys bringing his guitar around and playing a few tunes here and there wherever he goes. He is an extremely helpful guy at any event he goes to and a huge part to our success there. So if you see Jim thank him for not only running our Diabetes Walk team but for all he does for Parrot Heads All Round Town!! Thanks Jim for all you do for the club.

Terri Weissenberg & Ryan Hill - Quarter 2, 2016

Hello Phlockers that time of the quarter has arrived and it is time to announce our latest prestigious PHART award recipients. We have a tie this quarter between 2 of our regulars at all the charity events.


The first award goes to Terri Weissenberg. Terri was at almost every charity event we had this quarter! She has continued to show up and help out at events all over the state no matter the location, the weather, the time of day she is always there lending a helping hand. She has been a club member for years and a regular contributor at everything she attends. She has helped out the club basket team for conventions, donated raffle prizes and continues to travel the state looking to lend a helping hand at all the charity events possible. That is what a Parrot Head All Round Town does. A PHART recipient is an attendee at all or as many events as possible and volunteers their time and efforts all for a good cause. We have  many members in this club like that but this quarter we would like to honor Terri with the prestigious PHART award. So if you see her at the next charity event thank her for her efforts in all the charity work she has done for our communities during the second quarter.


The second PHART award goes to Ryan Hill. Yes a Keet has earned the award! Ryan has been to all the charity events with Carol Shapiro. Yes Nana Carol has brought this inspiring young Parrothead to volunteer at all special Olympic events, flipping burgers, handing out water and dancing with the athletes at their event in Boston. Carol keeps him busy coming out and volunteering with us and in turn he has learned many valuable life's lessons and is growing up to be not only a fine young adult but a great contributor to our club as a Parrothead. Ryan always has a smile on his face and is ready to help anyone any where and that makes him a special Keet. Keep bringing him along Nana Carol we always like to see our younger generations get involved and make a difference. So if you see Ryan at an event, busy running round helping out when he can, please take the time to introduce yourself to this fine young inspiring Keet.

Jean & John Duffill - Quarter 1 2016

Hello phellow phlockers it is that time to reward the people that earned the prestigious PHART  award of the quarter!  We would like to show our appreciation to Jean and John Duffill. Congratulations you both have earned the title of being the newest in the the line of PHART award recipients! They both were instrumental in helping organize and be the ambassadors for the two Operation Troop Support volunteer efforts the club assisted at up in Danvers Mass. John and Jean with other members helped package goods and load trucks for the troops. They also came to the holiday party and the convention. The Duffills attend  and at times are fill in ambassadors at the North of Boston meetings. We have seen John and Jean all round town at many club and even non club adventures over the past 12 years or more. John is usually carrying  his camera taking great club pics wherever he is at. They have been a staple in our club standing strong and helping others in any way they can! They are an awesome couple to get to know so please next time you see John and Jean all round town please give them a hug, handshake, fist pump, high five , a that-a-way, great job, and a huge thank you from all of us in the club and on the BOD for being a true Parrot Head All Round Town. Thank you for all you do for the club.

Carol Shapiro - Quarter 4 2015

Good day Phellow Phlockers it is time to announce the newest member of our prestigious PHART Phlock. This person attended almost every club event this last quarter and even ran one on her own! She is a favorite Key West bike rider, hammock swinger and flying monkey drinker. Yes Carol Shapiro is the latest PHART recipient. She brings her grandson Ryan to charity events helping at Special Olympics and participated in the Taunton parade with the club dressed like pirates. She held down the fort at a corner giving directions to people for the Autism Walk for Jakes team. Carol ran just a fantastic Halloween party down at the VFW where we had lots of fun games, delicious food and the costume wearing Island Castaways Band played for us all night. She got up early to meet us at the Bourne National Veterans Cemetery to lay wreaths on vets graves. It was a very emotionally charged morning but she managed to help bring a positive spin and a smile to people's faces and then we all went out for a great lunch. She continues to participate in as many club events as she can bringing her grandson and teaching him the true values of being a contributing member of not only this club but an upstanding member of our community. The Parrot Head All ‘Round Town is a way for us to recognize members that have been to club events all over our area and continue to improve the charities we volunteer for. What we do as a club helps so many people and improves the communities that we live and work in. In this fast paced, social media, technology driven world we live in, it is important for us to honor all the hard working, down to earth, honest, caring and genuine volunteer members of this Phamily. Yes Carol is the newest in this awesome Phamily of ours so next time you see her, probably on the Jamaica Me Crazy tubing team say, Congrats.  The club recognizes by quarter and attendance the member or members who have attended and contributed most to the events as they happen. So Thank You to all of our members for as of this quarter we doubled our volunteer hours from last year! That says a lot not only about the club but you all as members and we can't thank you enough for all you do.  Congratulations Carol 

My sincerest thanks. Donna "Mac" Mccarthy. 

Marcia Bixby - Quarter 3 2015

Congratulations to our latest P.H.A.R.T. winner the Q3 2015 PHART winner. Well wow what a quarter we had this summer of 2015! Yes it is that time again when we award the next Parrot Head All Round Town! We had a busy few summer months and there was plenty of adventures to take part in for all our members. So congratulations to Marcia Bixby for being recognized as the next Parrot Head All Round Town! She is an awesome chef first of all! My favorite is maple bacon I mean who doesn’t love bacon! She has been to many of the summer’s events the Pan Mass and pool party, the Buffett concert, the Phlash Phlocking , the Lowell Spinners game just to name a few. She has been a great addition to the club contributing in many ways behind the scenes and helping in any way she can at events. She took a road trip to Jones Beach with many of us at the end of the summer tour. The first time for many of us to Jones Beach of course others are veterans. She met a lot of new phriends and made a positive impression on quite a few people there. So if you are phlocking bout town and happen to see Marcia please wish her congratulations on being the club’s newest Parrot Head All Round Town.


Phins Up

Donna “Mac” McCarthy


Vice-President PHCoEM (2015-2017)



Ken & Carol Siris - Quarter 2 2015

The Q2 2015 P.H.A.R.T. Award Winners are drum roll please……Ken & Carol Siris.
Happy summer months phellow phlockers! After the winter we had oh and what spring? Does anybody remember spring? It is time to announce the latest of our phlocks Phart award recipients. This quarter takes us down the upper Cape way south of Boston crew to Ken and Carol Siris. These two have been solid family members for years. They have been to numerous camping trips and brought the boys who have grown up with our club and at events. We spent many a bug eating Ellis Haven night listening to Ken and his sons playing guitars and listening to music!  They recently all participated in both special Olympic events cooking burgers and bagging snacks. We have always been able to count on them to show up, Ken with his spatula in his hand, Carol on to bag snacks, the boys ready to pass out water or do whatever we need of them! They were a fun addition to our bus trip to Mohegan sun for Special Olympics. We had to go bowling a few times before we boarded the bus just to make sure we really enjoyed the ride!! They continue to participate in as many events as they can and you know we all love when Ken hits the grill!! The boys have been through high school and moved onto college now all the while participating in club events that have helped them grow as great people!  So if in passing you happen to be at an event with Ken and Carol Siris and even the boys congratulate them on years of outstanding service and volunteer efforts on behalf of our Club!! They really have stood out these last few months and we appreciated their efforts at all the Special O Events! So thank you very much and congrats on being the newest additions to the ever so growing PHART PHAMILY.


Tiffany and Shawn Davis - Quarter 1 2015

I would like to present the latest P.H.A.R.T. award recipients, Mrs. Tiffany and Mr. Shawn Davis!


They have worked really hard lately and who can forget the just delightful breakfast spread at the convention!!  Breakfast at Tiffany’s Anyone? Anyone? Shawn is a masterful Belgian waffle maker and all the fixings, really! Wow is all I can say!  They are from our WoW contingent but you will find them at many club events all over.  They gave graciously to the club basket and raffles for the holiday party!  And more importantly brought down and set-up their bar and blender so we could have 2 bars at the Creature Cantina serving our lovely patrons.  I mean who else was a more fitting and wiling candidate for Chewbacca!!!  Shawn played his role masterfully and we thank you both for helping bring more magic and enthusiasm to our club and events!  So thank you to Tiffany and Shawn Davis for being our latest in a growing group of Parrot Heads All Round Town.


Bob and Stephanie McQueen - Quarter 4 2014

Hello Phellow Phlockers the Q4 2014 newest members of the PHCOEM Phart Phamily have been announced. The holiday party was quite the event and just perfect timing to award Bob and Stephanie McQueen the Parrot Head All Round Town award.

They made just about every event  that were in the last quarter and my most memorable was pouring beer in a rainstorm at the Octoberfest in Hopedale Bob had a system going for pouring the beer (we all fought for the Shipyard Pumpkinhead tap) he was a machine and of course there was a lot of taste testing going on along the way! After the Octoberfest was over we sat down chatted and relaxed , we had  our picture taken with a pirate that was walking round.  That’s when I knew that they fit right into what our club is all about they are very special people and we are lucky to have them as members representing the club. Bob and Stephanie were also a big part of the success to The PHCOEM tree decorating party at Sunshine’s house where not only did they donate a ton of presents they were all wrapped!

All nice and neatly packed and each had a tag on them what age and boy or girls! The genuine kindness and generosity of not only them but their entire family.

They have even involved the Keets , their son Robby collected food and  funds for the local food pantry.

This family has truly been Parrot Heads All Round Town and represented our club in a real positive light all over the northeast throughout the last quarter!

Steph and Bob we really appreciate all you have done for the communities in our areas!  Thank you

Mike “The Beast” Petkewich - Quarter 3 2014

Hello Phellow Phlockers,


It is that time again for our quarterly Parrot Head All Round Town or as we so lovingly call it PHART award winner announcement.  I am really excited and proud to award this quarter’s (Q3-2014) PHART to Mike “The Beast” Petkewich.  Mike has been a PHCOEM member as long as I can remember!  He has consistently been at charity events, the run of the Charles, the Jolly Jaunts, Special Olympic dances, and grilling!  Mike was at our convention and even adopted one of the dogs they had there for show.  Mike has many great friends and added one more of man’s best friends after taking Danner.  He has been to our Halloween parties, Holiday parties, Pool parties and this summer at the Pan Mass very early one Sat morning, then headed up to help out Ernie and Ellie’s for the annual PHCOEM pool party.  Mike has been to many club and non-club events and if you do go to MOTM this year we promise to share our hammock pizza with all you guys at the casa!  He is a regular at our North meetings and we really do appreciate all the hard work and effort he has done for the club!  If you know Mike please give him a hearty “YO HO” for a job well done. And even if you don’t know him you soon will!  Please make it a point to meet him, he is a wonderful representation of not only a PHCOEM member but a true Parrot Head.  Mike epitomizes what it takes to be a true Parrot Head All Round Town through the volunteering and the social aspect of Partying with a Purpose.  He is a real PHART and the club thanks him for all his efforts over these years!  Thanks Mike!

Joe and Judy Hollewa Quarter 2 2014

Hello phellow phlockers the next 3 parrotheads All Round Town  for Q2 2014 really are all round towners. Well they are actually all round New Englanders! They are our very own members Joe and Judy Hollewa and Paul Kane. Since this past fall Joe, Judy and Paul have been very active in our club in helping with the Second Chance Animal Shelter out their way. They helped tremendously in the clubs Phall Phling! Joe and Paul played with the Island Castaways Band we all know and love and Judy supported the efforts with an outstanding raffle with prizes that included her very own handmade sea shell Christmas tree which was a very huge hit! They continued their efforts attending thirsty Thursdays and played at our own Holiday Hangover party. Judy also handcrafted a sea shell tree for that event raffle. Again another huge success. They have made an effort to get to the Uno’s Dough Rai$er events for the animal shelter and for the New England regional convention and have fun with us all while raising money for good causes. The band also  is very successful and as we all know travels throughout the northeast region and plays numerous events for Parrotheads from Maine to New Hampshire to Vermont to here in our own backyard! We thank you all very much on behalf of our club and all these great causes you help donate your time, efforts and funds to and for being the latest and greatest on the list of parrotheads all round town. Thank you Joe, Judy and Paul for jobs well done and much appreciated!

Paul Kane - Quarter 2 2014

See write-up above.

Ed McNeil - Quarter 1 2014

Hello Phellow Phlockers! Wow has time flown by. Yes, it is that time to announce once again our newest member of the PHART Phamily for the FIRST QUARTER of 2014.  We would like to thank and bestow this prestigious award to…Ed McNeil has contributed to the club in many ways since joining. He is known for his picture taking and Facebook postings of activities and club happenings. Ed and Phamily have been seen all round New England getting involved in many New England club happenings like camping, special Olympics and most recently the holiday hangover party and New England convention down in Plymouth. He is rarely seen without his camera so watch out on the club page for your crazy pics and thank him when you see them. Thank you Ed for being such a great representative of a true parrothead all round town.


Scotty and Stacey - Quarter 4 2013

We would like to recognize a family who have been a regular part of this club’s success for a long time. The West- Kneelands have consistently stepped up to the plate whenever asked and even when not asked to do anything, they have always been there. Scotty and Stacey have helped with the PHCOEM New England Convention basket for years. They contribute regularly to raffles and prizes for events and Stacey is now an ambassador for the Boston Thirstday meeting.  They have both been seen at many club events, parties, camping, Mohegan sun trips and all over New England not to mention events all over key west!  We have had many memorable late night taxi adventures  and drinks at Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot on Duval Street chatting about life’s adventures and why we are all here! We would also like to recognize their daughter Shannon, who has also been an outstanding member for years and has grown up with many of us or should I say growing older with some of us but not up!!  Shannon has been to many volunteer events along with conventions, regularly attends Meeting of the Minds and joins in on all the fun and fund raising events that happen all over New England and throughout our Parrothead nation! We would like to thank the West-Kneelands, Scotty, Stacey and Shannon for all they have  done and continue to do for our club and being true Parrotheads all round town!  We thank you for efforts and representing our club proudly.  Thank you!

Ravi Vaithinathan - Quarter 3 2013

We would like to honor and congratulate our newest member of the PHCOEM PHART phamily.  Ravi Vaithinathan come on down you are the next contestant on the PHCOEM PHART list!  Yes everyone you will find Ravi at the Boston locations for our club Thirsty Thursday meetings. He is a staple at these meetings and can also be found traveling all round New England at many of our club events, Special Olympics, and concerts as well as other New England club events.  He brings that big heart and infectious smile wherever he goes to volunteer his time.  For that reason we thank you Ravi for being a true Parrothead all round town!


Mike Crowley - Quarter 2 2013

Our next PHART to announce is Mike Crowley. This guy has been through alot health wise in the recent years but to no avail Mike still cruises along!  He is one of the Cape ambassadors and can be seen working the grill at the Special Olympics events. Affectionately known to some of us as Gilligan, he brings smiles wherever he goes. Yes, even at the club camping trips, Mike can be seen crawling into his tiny tent. His quiet demeanor, sense of humor, even keel attitude has helped the club sail through many events.  Mike helped a great deal, as many did, with the convention set up the day before.  He helped stuff bags, bring in raffle gifts, lug prizes across to the rooms and many other gopher jobs we needed done to make the event successful. He can be seen going from the Cape to many club events!  Yes across the bridge!  So please look for Mike or Gilligan at the next event and give him a shout out for being the latest PHART!  He truly is a Parrot Head All Round Town.  Thank you for all your contributions to this great phamily and club!


Elena and Bob Pouliot - Quarter 1 2013

Congratulations go to PHARTS Elena and Bob Pouliot.  They were nominated as the fall winners and they have continued to prove to all of us what and why being a parrothead is so important to making this round ball we live in and on a better place. They put together our awesome bus trip to Mohegan Sun and helped run the HMEA Independence Walk in Franklin.  Not to mention the fact, they are also inductees to the Special Olympics Hall of Fame.  They were voted on and announced at our convention this year in Mansfield.  The Pouliots have been very active in and with Special Olympics and at most of the events with their son Bobby Jr. and the rest of the family helping in one capacity or another.  Elena and Bob could also be seen running around at the convention doing errands and getting the extra little things done that make them truly Parrot Heads All Round Town.  The Pouliots can be seen attending the Thirsty Thursdays down at the Sandbar usually.  Sometimes they take the trip to other meeting places.  So wherever or whenever you see them next give them a big high pheather phive and tell them thanks for making our club better with Parrot Heads All Round Town like them in it!   Thank you Elena and Bob!,


Liz , Leo, PJ and Paul McCarthy - Quarter 4 2012

Our next PHARTs are the McCarthy’s of Walpole! Congratulations to Liz , Leo, PJ and Paul for their latest and greatest accomplishment! This has been their most active club year in a while and they worked hard through the spring and summer attending all but a few club events. They were handing out water and making lunches at the special Olympic events, found unloading trucks in Franklin at a fun run at EMC, camping down the Cape at Ellis Haven. Liz even won chicken breasts at the club meat raffle!! The club has also enjoyed a few after parties at their home in Walpole. The Pan Mass after party was again a big hit; the tiki bar was full, the pool was full, and the redneck horse shoe games were competitive! What more could you ask for? Well you asked for it…. the Under Dog and Sweet Polly Purebred outfits for the PHCOEM Super Phan Phun Run road rally really sealed the deal! They hand-made their costumes for the rally and proved to really be Parrot Heads truly All Round Town (or towns), as we traveled through quite a few towns during the rally in search of heroes and donations for the Huntington House at the VA Hospital in West Roxbury! P.H.A.R.T. stands for being a Parrot Head All Round Town and this phamily has made their rounds this year! They represent what being a PHART is all about!

Diane Xenelis - Quarter 3 2012

Congratulations to Diane Xenelis as our newest PHART! Thank You for working so hard on collecting FlipFlops for our club to be donated to the troops. Diane, with some added help from other club memebers met up at Bahama Breeze with the collected Flip Flops. The tallied total of flip flops the club donated was over 200 pairs!!! for the troops. We also want to recognize Diane for her valliant efforts over the years with coordinating the Pan Mass Challenge. This is a heartwarming experience for all who help and attended this event. The PanMass riders look forward to the club’s waterstop every year and it always runs so smoothly thanks to Diane’s directions. So thank you Diane for being such an awesome Parrot Head All Around Town!

Deb Beauregard - Quarter 2 2012

The sixth member of our parrothead all round town is Deb Beauregard! For those that don’t know Deb, she is the new community affairs director/liaison. She has stepped right into her new role with such passion and enthusiasm. Deb shows such energy in all her involvements and events with the club and beyond. She was an integral part of the success and smooth running of the clubs meet and greet at last year’s Buffett concert. Deb helped run the Jolly Jaunt up north this past December along with so many of our club phriends. Recently the bored had an all bored meeting with the Special Olympic heads at their new facility in Marlboro. The meeting was awesome we got a tour of their new place and we got to see where the brick club purchased for them is going. We coordinated the clubs roles at events and collaborated calendars and it was great to be able to sit all together in one place and communicate all their concerns and questions and answers all thanks to Deb’s enthusiasm for making this club better all over Eastern MA. Thank you Deb for being a true parrot head all round town!?

Heather Merrolli - Quarter 1 2012

The fifth member of our parrothead all round town is Heather Merrolli!! Waddles as she is affectionately known has been quite an asset to our crazy crew. Heather has been in involved with 2 road rally ‘s now and has become quite a personality to have round. She dressed as a penguin at last year’s Halloween party, hence the nickname, and wore that same penguin outfit tubing at nashoba and was spotted next to a landshark! Waddles has been to many club camping trips and contributed at Special Olympic events and other volunteer events. She has truly been a parrothead all round town and all over new England. Thanks Waddles for being such a good role model for people to follow in our parrothead community.

Mike Donnelly - Quarter 4 2011

The fourth member of our phart program is Mike Donnelly. He truly is a parrothead all round town. One can usually find mike around a grill or kitchen or anywhere there is food to be cooked. He was recently spotted grilling for volunteers at the Special Olympics in Brockton. He was known as the man with the special pizza to some of the athletes. The riders of the Pan Mass Challenge have come to love the Wrentham water stop for mikes grilled cuisine and the parrothead atmosphere that goes along with it! When he is not grillin and chillin with the parrotheads he is tailgating for his skating girl. He was also spotted next to a grill and a hammock at one big back yard party in new York? Where will we find him next who knows but thanks Michael for being one of our parrotheads all round town! 

Kathy Werner - Quarter 3 2011

Congratulations Kathy for you continued hard work with all the clubs social activities and New England ticket coordinating. The party for the hardy was a huge success again this year. The luge run in the backyard made it especially Phun for all of us kids attending. Once again great phood with some great phriends. Kathy is the south ambassador along with being the social director. She has been seen all over New England and recently during our lovely cruise hosted a bloody mary party during one morning and late night sliders after hours in their room! Honestly didn’t think that many parrotheads could fit into that hotel room! Kathy Werner thank you for being a Parroothead All Round Town and continuing to improve our club and its functions in helping our community.

Karen Feldeisen - Quarter 2 2011

The February Parrot Head All Round Town is Karen Feldeisen. She brings new meaning to the word PHART. Along with her continued efforts and involvement with the parrothead club of western mass. Karen (AKA “Sunshine”) has proven already to be a valuable member of our own club. Her contributions in the road rally and running the halloween event have helped her truly become a P. H. A. R. T. Sunshine has taken on roles at many events from decorating Christmas trees for charities coordinator to Charro on the Parrothead Princess maiden voyage on our lovely new england cruise. Her creativity, artistic talents and involvement in our clubs events in the past few months has earned Sunshine the title of ParrotHead All Round Town. If you haven’t met her yet make it a point to and soon because she really does bring a breath of fresh air and sunshine to every event she attends. Congratulations Sunshine!


Tamara Dower - Quarter 1 2011

The first PHART recipient was Tamara Dower. She was nominated and given this prestigious award at the annual holiday party. Tam has worked tirelessly on updating the new club website and if you haven’t seen it yet go to and check it out. She has taken new roles and leadership responsibilities with enthusiasm. Tonga Tam is our West of West ambassador and along with putting together an awesome road rally! You will find her at many of our club and other clubs events. She represented the parrothead princess crew proudly as Isaac the bartender from the love boat. Congratulations Tam for being the first PHCOEM ParrotHead All Round Town.

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