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Parrot Heads Without Borders

We recognize how important it is for our Parrot Head members to give back to the community.


►Members spend much of their time and energy at a wide range of PHCOEM and Combined Club charitable events.


►Members often drive long distances to attend an event that they feel a personal connection with.


We also recognize that not all members are able to participate in our scheduled charity events for various reasons.


►Some members already engage in volunteer work for charities and organizations within their own communities.


►Their time is driven largely by personal interests and connections to the cause.


We want to acknowledge our volunteers who engage in charitable work that is not a Club-sponsored or co-Club sponsored event.


Parrot Heads Without Borders came from “Doctors Without Borders” model.


Here's How it Works:


►1 Parrot head Point is awarded per month of service.


►No more than 12 points awarded per calendar year.


►Does not have to be the same charity/volunteer work every month.


Members complete the following  form following each P.H.W.B. volunteer event/opportunity.


Sharing this information with Club members allows for networking and making connections across a wider range of volunteerism and geographical areas.


Parrot Heads Without Borders points recognize and provide incentive to our membership for all the good work they do for the benefit of others


Parrot Heads Without Borders
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