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Club Merchandise

Good Day Phlockers

You asked for new merchandise and we found just the right guys for the job! Looking for that hard to buy for club member that has everything? Well we got you covered! We have tested this new company that will embroider our club logo on just about anything you can come up with!


Chris and the guys at PrintMaster have worked hard for us and in return we would like to put the invitation out to the club. They will embroider our club logo on anything we bring them for $15!  So start thinking about those hoodies!


Yes, if you bring to any of the BOD what you would like stitched along with $15 you can have your very own custom PHCoEM item.


Of course these items are for club members only, as with any Parrot Head in Paradise (PHIP) item or Parrot Head club merchandise it can only be purchased by club members. That is not a PHCoEM rule, it is a Parrot Head in Paradise rule. So $15 for each item you want embroidered with our logo and we will get it done!


They look great! You can pick your size what style you want and where you would like logo to go! Left chest, sleeve, hood? Look at what the BOD has had done already! Hats , hoodies, hockey shirts ohhh myyy!!

Some of the tag lines you can use:

Party with a Purpose

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane

Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been

Ran into a chum with a bottle of run

So thanks for your attention in this matter of merchandise! 

Please send $15 along with item and location of logo and enioy!

Thanks again 

Captain Mac the Merchandiser

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