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Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

Good evening phlock!

On this eve of Thanksgiving, let’s toast to each other and everything and everyone we are thankful for!

This year has been another crazy trip around the sun for so many. Honestly, I could not be more grateful, thankful or prouder of this Club and all of you than I am this moment! The contributions you have all made, volunteering of your time, the kindness you show and display for others to follow is way above the norm. It is what makes you all, each and every member, so very special and what makes this Club rock! This second PHamily that so many of us enjoy going on adventures with, or doing community service projects or just going out socializing is something to be extremely thankful for. I know I am Grateful to know so many wonderful people in this Club that make such a difference in our communities and to each other!

So I wish you all, the entire PHCoEM PHamily and all your relatives a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this time with phamily and phriends and be thankful for all we have and also pray for and honor those we have lost this year.

Be patient,

Be kind,

Be grateful,

Make someone smile this Thanksgiving!



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