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Half Way Summer Update from the Prez

Remember the days of summer in our youth when the only thing you worried about was having fun. Well now a lot of us are on the other end and looking to have those summer days back again, hanging out in the water, enjoying time with friends and not really having a care in the world.

I want to thank those that braved the weather and came out to the Paw Sox game last weekend, although they lost the game it was pretty fast paced and the Fireworks afterwards were amazing. I know my granddaughter and I really enjoyed it.

For those who did the wine tasting, it was yummy and the food, raffles and friends were great. While we were all having fun we were able to raise $950 to help with the cost of supporting 5 SOMA events through the year. Thank you so much to Elena Pouliot for putting this together and for all those that helped in one form or another. We truly have some awesome members in our group.

There are some great events coming up in August including the Pan Mass Challenge water stop on Saturday Aug 3, 2019 in Wrentham. Mac has graciously offered to open up her home again for us to do a Brunch afterwards. Please contact Mac if you would like to bring something to share. You can send her an email to

Then our requirement as a PHiP chartered club - the annual Membership meeting and Pool Party on Saturday Aug 17, 2019 at my home. Please bring a side dish to share, the meeting starts at 11am with the pool party following afterwards. Don't miss out on all the PHUN and please bring your ideas and comments, we'd love to hear them. Don't forget to get those Big Summah Raffle Tickets and those that have taken tickets to sell, please get the tickets and money into Tiffany before or at the pool party.

The next day for some of us brave souls we'll be down in Falmouth for the road race and cheering on Joe Andruzzi's team. It's a great time if anyone wants to join us, but you have to get there real early because they close the streets.

The interim report has been submitted to PHIP and they thank all of you for all that you do to support your communities. Thank you for the charity that you always show and share.

Don't forget there are a lot more events happening so visit our webpage and calendar for details.

I wish you all a wonderful, safe and healthy rest of your summer and hope to see you out and about at one or more of the great events that we have planned.


President PHCoEM (2018-2020)

2020NEPHC Convention Chair

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