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Update from the Prez

It's that time again where I give you a quick and dirty update of what's been happening and what's coming up.

Here's a message from Mac

Ok phellow phlockers, here is what we have for Tennessee along with a sturdy black metal mailbox (thanks to Winnie and Joe) .

Thank you all very much for your generosity and acts of kindness to some people who lost so much in the tragic fires. I will be bringing all this down to the East Tennessee Parrothead Club and they will find the people and animals in most need of our help. Thank you all again my heart is very touched on this Valentine's week of all your spirit and giving. Mac

Join us on Sun, Feb 19th 10am - Tubing at Nashoba Valley Tubing Park, 179 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460. Come join us for some phun with your Makin' Me Crazy Jamaican leader Mac.

Join us on Sat, Feb 25th in Sharon for the LETR Polar Plunge to raise money for SOMA - go here for more info:

Of course we have the NEPHC 2017 Convention - as of the closing of the registration period there are 288 registered guests of which (prior to getting a last report) PHCoEM is represented by 40 people (14%) with several showing interest in a day pass if they open them up. So hope to see your smiling faces there, swing by room 118 for a bit of libations and to say "Hello".

Then lastly for now we have the yearly Mohegan Bus Trip on April 1, 2017. This raises money for the SOMA events we support. This year is going to be AWESOME! We have the same deal with the Holiday Inn Express in Milford as we did for the Holiday Hangover Party, so don't miss out on that fun. And we get an extra hour to hopefully win more money. As always there will be fun and laughter on the bus on the way down and back and you get back early enough if you want to go for a swim or just hang out. There is a time limit on booking your room, so hurry and get out there. For more information here's the page to go directly to it:

Keep an eye on our Facebook events and our webpage for updates on all the happenings around the club.

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