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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I'd like to shout out with a big THANK YOU to the 3 clubs that participated in this year's Lowell Spinners Jimmy Buffet Night Game. We had tickets bought by the Cincinnati club, the Parrot Head Club of New Hampshire (NHPHC) and of course by our club the Parrot Head Club of Eastern Mass (PHCoEM). It was great seeing Lisa Darois and Will Yates from NHPHC join in our fesitivities.

The tickets from Cincinnati club and some of our PHCoEM members were donated to the Lowell Boys and Girls Club. We ended up donating 14 tickets. Some of us also pitched in and gave them all money to buy a drink or nachos. They certainly knew their baseball too.

It was a beautiful night to share with the following members, Rich & Angela Grenham, Kat Kisich, Donna "Mac" McCarthy, Liz Muldowney, Nancy Nowak, Vicki Pappas & Terri Weissenberg. You'll probably see them sporting their new attire.

We also had a special guest appearance by none other than Finzer & Flyer. Maybe next year Timone and Simba will join them for a fun filled night.

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