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Americas Hometown Adventure

Howdy pilgrims (in my best john Wayne voice)

Can I just say what an excellent adventure we all had Saturday enjoying the fruits of our ancestors labor! Literally the fruits and hops and barley ......

Well we started out at the Mayflower Brewery tasting a few beers and settling on the number one porter in the state! Ohhh my even the critters shared a pint! Yup Finzer, Flyer and even Timon had a great time while mingling with the locals enjoying pints and snacking on pretzels with 6 different dips, crackers, cheese and pepperoni. We shared all the goodies with everyone that entered the place ! They loved us there and invited us back anytime!

So off we hopped to the next stop the Plymouth Bay Winery! Mike was excited to see us and Laura gave us an awesome wine, jelly and sauce tasting all while telling us some history and stories. We got some new recipes for the tiki bah and some grilling sauces sure to make your mouth water! Another awesome stop already on another of the days adventures in Americas hometown.

Finally an unplanned unexpected and my favorite kind of detours! A stop at the Dirty Water Distillery! We only found out about it at the brewery so we decided to add it to our tour of Plymouth. Ohhh my can you say yumm! So we tasted all of their artisan vodkas, a gin, few rums but the best and my favorite was the honey liquor! Man what a great day enjoying the libations our ancestors brought over to us on the Mayflower that are naturally made in Plymouth for us all to enjoy now!

The evening ended with some delicious seafood served up outside at the East Bay Grill on the waterfront . We will definitely plan another day like this so if you happen to miss this trip please come join us on our next excellent adventure in Americas hometown! Thank you all for joining in the phun day with Finzer, flyer, Timon, Pumba and myself! That was a blast. Mac

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