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Illya the Manatee

Good evening phlockers. Happy spring I just wanted to inform and educate you all on our adoption of the manatee Ilya from the Save The Manatee Organization. He was chosen for his wayward travels or what we like to call aimlessly wandering! He was somewhat a snowbird like some of us traveling from Florida up the coast all the way to Cape Cod in 2009. He was on his way back to warmer waters in early fall that year when he startled a refinery worker who found him near a warm water pipes area so they rescued him brought him back to Florida where after some recovery time he was tagged and put back in the warmer Florida waterways (down in the keys). You can go to the Save The Manatee Organization and track Ilya and know that we as a club adopted him and all the proceeds we send to the save the manatee organization in his name go to helping save other manatees. They actually have the rescue of Ilya on video! If you are like me with any animal have a box of tissues handy though I will say this story has a happy ending! We are contributing and helping these gentle giants get the care they need to survive. I had the privilege of swimming with them in Florida a few years ago, which is an experience I will remember forever. Thanks again Mac

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