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The PHCoEM BOD Election Results

The deadline for applying for the elected positions of this year for PHCoEM has ended. The position of President, Secretary and Charity/Environmental Chair have received only applications from the incumbent officers. So with that being said, there is no need to hold any formal elections this year and we can welcome back those that are serving another term. So without further ado I'd like to announce the BOD members and their terms. The next time you see them, please take a moment to congratulate them.

President: Sunshine (Karen Feldeisen) - (2016-2018)

Vice- President: Mac (Donna McCarthy) - (2015-2017)

Secretary: Liz McCarthy (2016-2018)

Treasurer: Angela Gallant (2015-2017)

Charity/Environmental: Co-chaired Deb Beauregard/Elena Pouliot (2016-2018)

Membership: Lyndilu Hoobinoo (2015-2017)

Social: Kathy Werner (2015-2017)

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