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November Letter from Mac!

Good Morning Phlock!

I hope all is well and a happy November to all! It is hard to believe another Socktoberfest is behind us!!! We collected close to 300 pairs of socks for Operation Troop Support, and Mr. Moody was soooo thrilled to have them delivered to his door! He praised us again for the Club’s contribution to the sock drive for the Veterans over seas. I personally wish to thank you all for your efforts in making this another annual successful event for the Club's charities!

The Sock drive serves as a reminder of the importance of Veterans Day on Thursday. The month of November is usually thought of as a month of gratitude and thankfulness. Last year our pennies for packages raised a few hundred dollars to send the care packs. This year, Mr. Moody and OTS have asked us if we could donate some food goods they could send overseas to help our troops still stationed over there. The sanitary conditions are making our troops ill because of the poor cleaning supplies and conditions of the utensils and vessels they are cooking in through no fault of their own. So, with that being said ... and Veterans Day on Thursday, let's help out our troops overseas by donating some food, a box or two of prepackaged crackers or cookies, cans of tuna or packages of cup o' soups. If you are interested in donating, but don' know what or how, please contact any one of your board members as we may be of assistance.

Our November charities, Operation Troop Support and Tree Decorating for the Springfield Boys and Girls Club that we did on Saturday are well underway! So lets show them our Parrot Head support!

We also have a NEW SOCIAL on November 20th! Liz and Leo McCarthy will be graciously opening up their home again for an event ~ A Phriends Giving Crafternoon! Starting at 1:00 pm, we will all be gathering round the firepit, eating and drinking and crafting some kind of Thanksgiving treats. Please bring a chair, a dish to share, and drink for an entire afternoon and evening of fun! More details to follow if you have any questions, you can contact Lizzy L-12.

These are the events planned for this month of giving and kindness and they are all safe, some are outside and some can be directly donated. We will continue to follow safety protocols to keep our club members healthy as possible. We hope you will continue to be as active and volunteer as safely in your communities within what you are comfortable with. Thank you all very much for everything you do!

Make someone smile today,



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