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Hello from the Prez

Your BoRED has been busy working loads of stuff behind the scenes. We had our annual offsite this past weekend in Newport (thanks to Elena & Bob) to discuss the club and things going on for this year of 2019.

There is loads of great things coming up, first off the 2019 NEPHC Convention coming up starting the 28th of Feb through March 3rd. Remember this is where we will have our big reveal for our convention in 2020 during Sat March 2nd dinner at 6pm. If anyone going to the convention would like to be a part of the reveal, please private message me (Sunshine) and I will explain what it will entail.

By the way the 2020 convention that PHCoEM is hosting is the 25th Anniversary of having the NEPHC Conventions. And time to put the finishing touches on it will go by faster than you realize so please don't hesitate to get involved.

And it just so happens that this is also the year we celebrate PHCoEM's 25th anniversary or birthday for some, on April 8, 2019. So on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at one of our favorite places is where it will be happening - the Holiday Inn Express in Milford, MA - right off the 495 highway. The PHUN will begin at noon and going through the night for anyone wanting to stick around for all the festivities including ironing board buffet and pool party. Tiffany Davis our Social Director has set up a great way to celebrate the 25 years. To find out more information about it, please go to our main page and click on the top link to the page or click on this link: 25th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. Looking forward to all of the PHUN memories this event will surely make.

We have also changed our Club P.O Box location from Shrewsbury to Northbridge, the new address is PHCOEM, P.O. Box 42, Northbridge, MA 01534-0042 and has been updated throughout. If you have any correspondence that you want sent to the club, please use this new address.

The next 2020NEPHC Convention planning meeting will be at Sunshine's house on Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 starting at 11am. Planning on doing Wright's Chicken Farm in RI for dinner if anyone would like to join us you can see cost and menu by clicking on the link. We'll need to know at the beginning of the meeting to make the reservation - we will probably plan for around 5pm. Only munchies will be served at this meeting.

I hope to see you all around at one of the many events that we have planned for the year. Whether it is a social or charitable event all pholks are welcome, even if they are not official club members. Please make sure to check in often to the EVENTS page as we are always updating it with additional PHUN adventures.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns over what's happening in the club, please feel free to reach out to any of the Bored

I hope you all take it easy during these storms and that you stay safe and warm.

Phins Up


President PHCoEM (2018-2020)

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