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Happy Halloween to everyone.

Our Halloween party was a great success and everyone had a great time dancing the night away with the Island Castaways Band, we had a lot of great raffles and enjoyed munchies and desserts to keep that energy up.

We drew the winning ticket for the $1,000 worth of Scratch Tickets. The winning ticket was sold by Teri Weissenberg to a gentleman who was transplanted from up here in the north to Florida, which is a common happening these days as the Parrot Head Nation gets older.

We had a PHUN after party at the pool and listened to songs by Functional Drunks. Where there was more munchies and cool water.

I would like to welcome the 5 new members of our club who joined at the Halloween Party, Arthur Connolly (winner of the special bring a friend/sign up drawing) & Wendy Gillespie, John & Polly O'Connor, and Taurean Tindal. Welcome to the PHCoEM Phamily.

Don't forget to purchase your Texas Road House (TRH) Gift Cards from your Ambassador or get in touch with Deb Beauregard to make arrangements to get some. They make great gifts and since some of our locations in Jan will be going to a TRH for Thirsty Thursday it will help us out by raising money to help defer the costs of feeding the athletes at our volunteer events.

So if you are out trick or treating or passing out candy this Halloween, please stay safe and watch out for all those goblins and ghouls.

If you are traveling to Key West, enjoy the PHUN in the sun and take loads of pictures to share.

Phins Up


President PHCoEM (2018-2020)

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