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Congratulations to PHCoEM BOD

Please join me in congratulating the BoD for PHCoEM for the next year, I'm truly proud of this BoD and all they have done. The terms fun from Sept 1 - Aug 31.

President - Sunshine (Karen Feldeisen) 2018-2020

Vice-President - MAC (Donna McCarthy) 2017-2019

Secretary - L12 (Liz McCarthy) 2018-2020

Treasurer - Angela Gallant 2017-2019

Chartiy & Environmental Affairs - Co-Directorship Deb Beauregard & Elena Poulliot 2018-2020

Membership - LyndiLu O'Connell (Hoobinoo) 2017-2019

Social - Tiffany Davis 2018-2020

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