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Jimmy Buffet Tickets for Great Woods and other venues

It's that time of year again when Jimmy Buffett Concert tickets start to go on sale for all of his tour venues. As always - you are allowed 1 ticket per member in good standing for Great Woods. Money must be paid up-front to ensure a ticket request. If we have more requests then we are allotted tickets, then it will go by the points system. With those that have the lowest points ending up on a waiting list.

As always if for some reason you cannot attend, then you need to ensure that the ticket goes to another club member in good standing and do not sell it to any one else. This is a privilege we receive for being a Parrot Head Club Member and it's for club members only. If you cannot use your ticket please get back to LyndiLu to let her know and if we have someone from our club on the waiting list they get first offer. If she cannot find someone in our club she will turn it back into Kathy Werner the Great Woods ticket coordinator who will see if there is someone else in one of the NE regional clubs who needs a ticket. If your tickets are sold they will be for the face value ONLY!!! You will not be refunded your PAYPAL charge. It is also not the responsibility of LyndiLu to be running down people to work out monetary exchanges. That needs to be worked out between the original ticket purchaser and the waiting list person.

To order tickets here's the link, please make sure to fill out BOTH the form and then click on the PAYPAL button to purchase the tickets.

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