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Convention Time Update

WOW can you believe that next week is the 2017 NEPHC Convention. How excited is everyone? I know I'm looking forward to a PHUN weekend with all my PHRIENDS from all over. It's a great place to gather and make new phriends while visiting with old phriends.

A couple things I would like to make you all aware of.

There will be a club picture taken on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 4:45pm by our club Christmas tree, so wear your ugly sweater, your club scarf (Mac will have a limited amount to sell if you want to purchase one - they are $10 each), your club hat, or whatever else that goes along with the theme and come be part of the photo.

As far as the Christmas tree goes, any club member going to the convention whether with a full registration or a day pass will be entered into the drawing to win the decorated tree. There is a club logo'd hat like the one I gave the BOD members last Christmas as a tree topper and a string of lights that are adorned with empty nip bottles along with several other cute decorations made by our club members. We also ask that folks bring some nips that will go into a bucket for the winner of the tree. There are several different types of ornaments on the tree. I x-stitched a nautical theme ornament with everyone's name on it, so please make sure that you take your ornament home with you. If you are not sure which one is yours, see me.

We have 5 gingerbread houses that we are donating to the centerpiece competition so make sure to check them out. The one you see in this notice (PHCoEM home) was done by Lisa Mason, her mom Mary and Sunshine. There is other ones that were done by Shaun Davis (Lighthouse) , Donna Bibaud and Mac (Polar Express), Hal Latour (Snowman village) and a village by Pam Mascroft, Sheryl Davis and Cainen. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful artistic group of pholks.

I did a light up wreath from our club that hopefully will bring the charity some good money.

As usual we will be selling shot glasses at our bar (Room 118) to raise money and anyone purchasing them will get a raffle ticket for each shot glass purchased. These tickets go to win the shot ski that goes along with the theme. We will also sell extra raffle tickets at $5 per raffle ticket. So don't miss out, we have a limited supply of shot glasses and once they are gone, they are gone.

There will be the ironing board buffet set-up outside our room in the hallway again like in previous years so if you want to participate please feel free to bring food to share.

We have several teams signed up for the reindeer games - so don't forget to go cheer them on.

I hope to see you all there.

Phins Up


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