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Happy Mother's Day

No matter where the road leads you or whatever path you chose, your mother will always be with you. I just wanted to wish everyone who is a mother or who still has a mother around or is having to take the role of a mother, a very Happy Mother’s Day this weekend. Whether you celebrate it with 2 legged or 4 legged creatures, enjoy the day and please take a moment to remember all those mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts that are no longer with us and those who are serving in our armed forces or who are serving in our civil jobs (firewomen, policewomen, medical field all kinds) please keep them in your thoughts.

We live in a wonderful country that allows us to celebrate these occasions. I thank all that served and are still serving today to allow me this opportunity.

Happy Mom’s Day from one proud Mom


President PHCoEM (2016-2018)

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