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Thank You Mohegan Bus Trip Pholks

Although we had a smaller than normal crowd this year we were still able to raise $100 to help pay for the costs of doing our SOMA events. Everyone had a great time on the bus on the way down and on the way back sipping on Peach Sangria, munching on all kinds of goodies and watching some Jimmy Buffett concerts on the Tele.

At the casino we had some winners and some losers, but that's what happens when you are gambling.

Thanks to Elena for all the goodies that she had as door prizes or shall we say bus prizes. Congratulations to the 50/50 winner who had an extra $63 to spend at the casino.

The pool party afterwards was a lot of PHUN and the water was actually not too hot this year so good for swimming.

Some of us who spent the night had a wonderful brunch in the morning and met up with the old beverage manager from the Mansfield Holiday Inn and she recognized us. How cool is that. Maybe next year we'll get more pholks to come have some phun with us.

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