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Hall of PHame Recipients

Bill Guerrette - Hall of Phame Recipient 2000

Need to find write up.

Keith Kitchin - Hall of Phame Recipient 2001

Need to get write-up

Al Mosier - Hall of Phame Recipient 2002

  • Al is one of the four Founding Fathers

  • 1st Secretary of the Club

  • 1st editor of the Mañana Times and Responsible for the Name

  • Owner of “Old Charky”, ask Al the story

  • Served as Vice President from Sept. 2000 – Sept. 2001

  • Supplies Buffett music for Essex S.O. Games

  • Writer of Somewhere Over China Column in M.T.

  • Present Club Historian

  • Wealth of JB Trivia useless knowledge, during Friday Trivia.











Mark & Mike Donnelly - Hall of Phame Recipients 2003

Mark and Michael Donnelly have time and again demonstrated their extraordinary commitment to the mission statement of the Parrot Head Club. Not only are both always up for any social event, they are typically the first on the scene at Special Olympics charitable events. As most of the members know, Mark and Michael are willing to “take charge” of the preparation of any barbecue site and ensure that it is properly established (even if some of the tasks involve bodily harm). Both have worked tirelessly on behalf of Special Olympics raising money and organizing events.

Additionally, in the spirit of true parrotheadism there is not a party or social event they are not willing to participate in (having an invitation is not a prerequisite). Who else could have so wonderfully executed the set-up of the Baha Brothers in the parking lot at Great Woods!!

For these reasons and because if you polled the active membership there would be unanimous positive response for these two great guys, they should be inducted into the PHCOEM Hall of Phame.


Jen Lynch-Maher - Hall of Phame Recipient 2003

Planning, organizing, and running many club events
· Participating in almost a million club events
· PHCOEM Treasurer
· PHCOEM ticket administrator
· PHCOEM member-of-the-month
· New England ticket administrator

Janice Guerrette - Hall of Phame Recipient 2003

Need to get a write-up.

Bob & Stephanie Tocchi - Hall of Phame Recipients 2004

Bob and Stephanie Tocchi
Hall of Phame Inductee – 2004

Special Olympics event organizers. Toys-For-Tots event organizers. PHCOEM event attendees. Social event organizers. Fundraisers. Bored Of Director member, and special guest. Just to name a few of the roles Bob and Stephanie have held for our club.

As our club developed and we took on more and more community events, we found that our fundraising efforts needed to be more robust. Why? Well it was because we found that we needed to buy more and more supplies to run our events. Up until Stephanie joined the Bored of Directors that is. What a huge step it was when we started to hold all of our community events at no cost to the club. By soliciting donations, Bob and Stephanie reduced our event cost to 0$.

One of their favorite causes, Toys-For-Tots has been a cause our club has also been involved with the past few years. Toy drives, toy sorting and the annual Christmas parade just to name a few.

You can still catch Bob and Stephanie hosting our monthly Thirstday in Milford. Please stop by and congratulate them on their induction into the PHCOEM HOP!

Terri Weissenberg - Hall of Phame Recipient 2013

Since she joined Terri has been a superior member in participating, planning, and reminding Club Member of all the PHCOEM events. She has been doing a great job in obtaining great gifts for our club basket each year. In addition she has provided valuable raffle prizes contributing to each Eastern PHC Convention on behalf of our PHCOEM Club.

She has continued to do all of this without recognition. Having her as a very active member of our Club should be greatly appreciated.

We cannot think of another member of PHCOEM that has done so very much for the members and the Club who has contributed so much time and effort to make ours a Club to be proud of. She is part of the club who exceeds a members expectations.

Please congratulate Terri Weissenberg on her acceptance into the PHCOEM Hall of Phame!

Thank you Terri.

Kathy Werner - Hall of Phame Recipient 2015

Kathy has dedicated several years to the success of the Parrot Head Club of Eastern Mass (PHCoEM) and has served on the BOD as Social Director for 18 years now.  She ensures that the social events are of a great variety and location to ensure that every Parrothead and non-Parrothead throughout PHCoEM’s vast area can attend and enjoy in sharing stories, drinks and other fun stuff like Wine & Painting parties.


She chaired the New England Parrot Head Convention hosted by the club in 2013 which raised $21,000 for Special Olympics of Massachusetts, Wounded Warrior, Katie’s Crusaders to help a little girl with several facial surgeries and the PHIN fund. 


Kathy opens her home once a year in February for everyone in the club to partake in the Party for the Hardy, she coordinates the volunteers for the Head of the Charles Canoe/Kayak race in April, coordinates the camping weekends at Ellis Haven in Plymouth and can be seen at several of the other social and charitable events the club does throughout the year.


She was Thirsty Thursday Ambassador for the SEOB group at the Sand Bar for many years and recently stepped down and passed the torch to 2 other folks (Toni Astore & Kelly Connerton) who she successfully transitioned this role to.


She is always there to give advice and historical information regarding the club to new board members as they transition into their positions.  She was instrumental in putting together the Club BY-LAWs and for moving the club forward in both technology and offerings.


She has been the North East Region Ticket Coordinator for Jimmy Buffett concerts since 2008. This takes a lot of effort to coordinate all the different North East Region clubs and get their counts and then deliver their tickets to them.


With all that she’s done and continues to do for PHCoEM – this is an appropriate acknowledgement of all her hard work and dedication.

Rick Werner - Hall of Phame Recipient 2015 - Awarded Posthumously

He was the public face of PHCOEM, the one person instantly recognizable at club events or conventions. He was the club prankster, someone who looked remarkably at home sitting in a convention hotel elevator full of furniture that he helped decorate. He was the one who always stepped forward to help out complete strangers at Parrot Head functions or conventions, in the process making them feel like they’ve known him forever. He was the one so loved that hundreds of people showed up at his wake to tailgate in the parking lot of the funeral home…


For those of us fortunate enough to have known him, we each have our own memory of Rick, but just thinking of him brings a smile to many faces. Completely at ease wearing a hazmat suit and directing traffic on Rt. 140 prior to a Buffett concert at Great Woods or hanging out in his coconut bra and grass skirt while talking to the police in the parking lot, Rick was definitely one-of-a-kind.


For many years he was a tireless worker behind the scenes at Parrot Head or Special Olympic events before serving as PHCOEM President from 2009 to 2010. Together with his wife and fellow inductee Kathy, they hosted their iconic outdoor Party for the Hardy each February, with Rick attending to his host duties while braving the elements dressed in his customary bathrobe and flip flops. He could be found at any number of club activities, with the annual camping weekend being one of his many favorites.


Rick embodied the very essence of a Parrot Head: charitable spirit, zaniness, compassion, commitment, a zest for life filled with friends and fun. His voyage with us ended too quickly, but he left an indelible mark on our lives and the Parrot Head community. He deserves a place in the PHCOEM Hall of Phame.

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