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4th Of July Independence Day

As we all go off to celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day cookouts, fireworks and vacations, please take a moment and remember all those that have sacrificed over all the years for our freedom and ability to enjoy and participate in wonderful celebrations throughout our lives.

There are men and women in the armed forces, medical and emergency fields that give up their celebration time so that we can enjoy our times with family and friends, keep them close in your prayers and in your hearts.

We live in a great country that allows us the freedom to volunteer at events like Special Olympics, Autism Speaks, Cancer Foundation fundraisers and others too many to mention. We may not always agree on things, but that's how we can help make changes. This country was founded and freed by several brave folks who were willing to sacrifice to make those changes, let's honor them and remember how great this country truly is and how much freedom we all enjoy.

Please take time to take care of one another and to help wherever you can, for we are only on this journey of life once, let's make it a better place and leave a legacy of charity, love and peace.

May you have phun, be safe and healthy over the 4th of July holiday and hope to see many of you at the Membership Meeting and Pool Party on Saturday, July 15th at the Duffill's house in Danvers.

Phins Up ^ ^ ^


President PHCoEM (2016-2018)

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